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FPA provides "Worry Free, Fixed Fee" Managed IT Support Services so that our clients take a more proactive and cost effective approach to managing and maintaining their IT Infrastructure.
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Managed Services

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FPA provides "Worry Free, Fixed Fee" Managed IT Support Services so that our clients take a more proactive and cost effective approach to managing and maintaining their IT Infrastructure.
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Intel vPro Technology



Intel vPro technology is one of the latest advancements in chip technology that allows for secure remote management of office desktop computers and laptops.  vPro offers many benefits for companies looking to make their data more secure, keep their systems up to date, and keep unwanted viruses and internet intruders from affecting their systems.

Intel vPro technology can reduce energy costs not only through the new, more efficient chip architecture, but also through it's administration features like network-wide automatic nightly shutdown.  Maintenance costs are reduced too by allowing system administrators to perform analysis and repair without having to leave his or her workstation.  With the ability for the systems administrator to peer into every machine on the network, he or she can ensure that every machine is running smoothly. Making adjustments and repairs in a proactive manner rather than resolving issues after they arise reduces downtime and increases the life span of the machines on the network.

What is Intel vPro Technology?

Intel vPro technology is built into the computer's processor and allows a secure connection to be established between the computer and the system administrator's computer.  Intel vPro Technology allows the system administrator to remotely diagnose, update, isolate, verify, discover, protect, and configure any machine in the network that has Intel vPro Technology. 

How does it work?

A secure connection is made through the office computers and the administrator's computer using SSL certificates.  The administrator can then perform their duties from the administrator computer, often times even if the machine is powered off or is inoperable.


Intel vPro Technology offers the following capabilties:


Often times when an issue arrises on a computer in the office the administrator has to physically go to the computer to diagnose the problem, this can take a while sometimes and even longer if the administartor is off-site.  Intel vPro Techology allows the administrator to log onto the failed machine remotely.  The administrator can then diagnose and repair the problem without ever leaving their desk.

Remote Updates

Intel vPro Technology allows the administrator to remotely update software on the network's machines regardless if the machine is powered on or not.  This can be especially useful for security updates and patches.

Machine Isolation

Perhaps a virus does get into the office, Intel vPro Technology actively inspects the packets moving around the network.  As soon as the chip detects any suspicious activity, it isolates that machine from the network and sends a message to the administrator where they can diagnose and resolve the issue.  If the user is not using the network at the time, the user might not even know there was ever a problem in the first place.

Agent Verification

Sometimes the agent, a piece of software that allows the computer to communicate with the administrator's computer, is removed either by the user or malware.  Intel vPro Technology actively monitors each machine to ensure the agent is installed and can automatically re-install the agnet should the agent ever be adbsent from a user's machine.

Remote Hardware and Software Discovery

One time-comsuming operation for a system administrator is desk-side visits to machines that require software and hardware assessments.  Intel vPro Technology allows the administrator to access every machine and discover it's assets even if the machine is powered down or inoperable.

Remote Protection

Intel's Anti-Theft Technology allows the system to remain secure even if it is lost or stolen.  An internal timer can be set to automatically trigger a response if it doesn't check into the administrator within it's time-limit.  If the system has several failed login attempts, a response can be sent to the administrator.  Also, if a person calls the administrator and reports the computer lost or stolen, the administrator can shut down and secure that machine.

Remote Configuration

Using an SSL connection, the administrator can remotely configure any user's machine securely.

Intel vPro Technology offers many benefits over standard computers which is why FPA recommends vPro machines to our clients.  Intel vPro Technology helps us keep our client's up and running while keeping costs down. 

For more information about Intel vPro technology, check out Intel's vPro white paper.


For more information about Intel vPro Technology or to learn more about our IT Services, please contact us at  Or feel free to call us at 818-501-3390.

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