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Google and the iPhone

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I don't know if you noticed, but two events unfolded this week without all that much fanfare. Only time will tell if these things will turn out to be significant or not.

The first is the release of Palm's Pre. This is the supposed "iPhone killer". It's actually garnering rave reviews.It does sound pretty good.   It has all the bells and whistles of the iPhone but supposedly integrates the web much further. It also has some intelligence to integrate all your address books and contact lists into one. If it works, this would be pretty cool. Since the OS is based on the web, the apps are more platform independent and should be easier to build than iPhone apps. Palm says they're not looking to take over or cut into Apple's dominance in this area. Their approach is there's still plenty of room for a competitor.

Ths second item of interest is Microsoft's release of bing! (ie: This is their response (again) to Google. How high are the stakes here? In their first TV commercial, it seems that they even go so far as to accuse Google of causing global economic ruin! Do we need a "better" search engine? Does anyone trust Microsoft to deliver completely objective results?

So, what do these two things have in common? Not much on the surface. But if you dig deeper, plenty. What it means to me is as comfortable and as ingrained as things could be in our daily lives (ie: the iPhone and Google), anything can change at any time. There were search engines before Google (hard to remember, huh!). And there were smartphones before the iPhone. What will the landscape look like in a year, two years, or more? I don't know, but it does remind me to not get complacent. We always need to be thinking about what the future may hold for our businesses and our lives to be successful.

There you have it. While I added an extra one, the first six should be enough for you to ensure you’re not being taken for a ride.
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I note your use of the phrase "iphone killer", you do realize the apple fanboys will be frothing at the mouth 'hearing' you say that, right? ;)

I know this post is old but it's interesting to see how far Bing has come since 2009. For me though, I like DuckDuckgo.
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Palm says they're not looking to take over or cut into Apple's dominance in this area. Their approach is there's still plenty of room for a competitor.
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And there were smartphones before the iPhone. What will the landscape look like in a year, two years, or more? I don't know, but it does remind me to not get complacent. We always need to be thinking about what the future may hold for our businesses and our lives to be successful.
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Ths second item of interest is Microsoft's release of bing! (ie: This is their response (again) to Google. How high are the stakes here? In their first TV commercial, it seems that they even go so far as to accuse Google of
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